Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameBobbin shape functional part for medical UsageBobbin shaped super small functional part
MaterialPOM Sizeφ5 x 30
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


Among medical plastic products, this bobbin-shaped plastic product is a very small functional component. This product has a bobbin shape and the pitch is 0.3mm. In addition, high filling pressure is required to transfer the bobbin shape, as well as there is no space to excessive material in this. Also, there is a concern that jetting may occur depending on the gate position, so care must be taken with the gate position when designing the mold.
In addition, if the PL surface of the mold is misaligned, the 0.3 mm pitch peak shape will be displaced and the required specifications will not be met, so it is needed to pay enough attention to the positioning. When molding in a clean room, take care of the robot's hand to prevent scratches on the bobbin when removing the product with the removal robot.