Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameVirgin seal vessel UsageAnti-tamper vessel
MaterialPE Sizeφ35 × 5
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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Virgin seals are used on medical plastic containers, such as those used for PET examinations, to prevent leakage of the contents. By using a virgin seal, it is possible to prevent mixed-up of an opened and unused medical plastic container. In addition, since the virgin seal of a plastic container is broken when opened, you can recognize whether the package has been opened at a glance, so the contents can be prevented from tampering.
In addition to the virgin seal type described above, there is also a virgin seal with a band-type tamper-proof method. The type of virgin seal can be selected according to the specifications required for medical plastic containers. At "", we can also provide a virgin seal type that meets your needs and purposes.