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How to contact and technical consultation

Introducing the flow of inquiries and technical consultation for “MedicalPlasticMolding.com”. For concrete specifications confirmation and consultation on design and production, please contact us from the inquiry form.

01 Inquiry

We specialize in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molded products, especially for the medical industry. “MedicalPlasticMolding.com” provides consistent in-house product design and mold design with 3D CAD (CAD meister).

02 Sending drawings, hearing details

Please send the drawing data according to your request. Also, if the delivery date, quantity, material, etc. of the product have been determined, please let us know. If you do not have a drawing, we can also design 3D from sketches or punch pictures, so please consult us. In order to select and process appropriate materials, we may conduct a detailed hearing on the usage environment and intended use. In particular, if it is a prototype / developed product, we will also support flow analysis according to your request.

03 Reply of production availability and estimation

We will inform you the production availability within business hours. We will provide an estimation, production contents, and specifications if we can prepared them within the time.

04 Confirmation of customer conditions and ordering

Please check your terms and conditions and send your order form in writing (email or fax). After receiving the order form, we will arrange production.

05 Production and inspection

When designing a mold at “MedicalPlasticMolding.com”, we will contact and instruct our partner company to manufacture the mold. The completed plastic injection molded products are inspected using an in-house 3D measuring device.
In addition, medical plastic injection molded products that are used on the human body and require advanced management are inspected in a clean room.

06 Shipping / Delivery

After product inspection, we will pack it strictly and deliver it to the customer’s designated destination. Also, depending on the weight and size, it is possible to use quick delivery service.
Please contact us as we will send the product according to your convenience.

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