In order to always provide customers with safe and secure quality plastic products used in medical equipment, we have a clean room of less than 10,000 class in our company. The structure of the clean room at Shinwakogyo operating “” is triple filter structure to achieve high cleanliness. First, a pre-filter is installed on the first layer filter to remove dust and dirt from outdoor air. This pre-filter also serves to maintain the performance of medium-performance filter at the second layer for a long period of time, and is the basis for creating a space with high cleanliness. The second layer is equipped with a medium-performance filter mainly for removing particles of 25 μm or more. Since coarse particles are removed in the first layer, the structure of the medium performance filter is unlikely to be clogged. The 3rd layer uses a HEPA filter to collect particles of 0.3μm or more, providing an environment free from micro dust and dirt in the clean room. The high purity air taken in by this triple structure filter is designed to create a positive pressure inside the clean room. Furthermore, a person to enter into the room must go through the air shower room, so that dust and dirt attached to the person do not enter the clean room, realizing a stable class 10,000 environment. By installing state-of-the-art molding machines in a clean room with these sanitary conditions, we have established a production system that can meet the high quality demands of customers in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Class 10,000 clean room scenery for plastic injection molding for medical use
Class 10,000 clean room scenery for
plastic injection molding for medical use

Air shower to enter the clean room
Air shower to enter the clean room