There are various materials used for plastic injection molding for medical use, and one major in them is polypropylene (PP).

One of the characteristics of polypropylene is its chemical resistance. Polypropylene is resistant to erosion by acids, alkalis and oils, and is often used in medical plastics that often handle chemicals. It is widely used for medical equipment, packaging materials, laboratory equipment, containers, textiles, automobile parts, stationery, toys, and so on.

Characteristics of polypropylene (PP)

Specific gravity Small as 0.91g, it can float on water
Heat-resistant Melting point 165 deg.C, flash point 300 deg.C
Translucent (poor dyeing)
Resistant to erosion by acidic and alkaline chemicals and oils
Conductivity Basically insulation
Environment It is relatively easy to recycle because it has the property of becoming almost water and carbon dioxide when completely burned.