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The case studies which our company designed or molded based on the requests from customers are categorized. You can browse details of feature by clicking each product.

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 The cases of cost reduction, VA and VE from the design of medical plastic products are introduced by illustration with the difference between before and after. You can learn the points to prevent the troubles such as sink mark, weld line and warp, and also the functionality of products and the points of quality improvement.


Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "we"), operating "MedicalPlasticMolding.com" has dedicated the technique of plastic molding and production of mold since the establishment on 1974. During the process, we have provided various services not only contract processing but also 3D CAD, product design, flow analysis and mold design positively. And we have accomplished various works for medical products during the trade with the medical companies, such as deployment of class 10,000 clean room in our facility, acquirement of ISO13485 certification, medical device manufacturing approval, custom molding machine, etc. The site systematized these experiences and know-how is the "MedicalPlasticMolding.com" . We, all of Shinwakogyo members sincerely hope this site contributes for Japanese manufacturing companies.

Why "MedicalPlasticMolding.com" has been relied?    (Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.))

 There are five profiles which developer of medical device manufacturer can order us design and production on "MedicalPlasticMolding.com". In order to achieve the medical devices with high process precision and quality, not only Medical device manufacturing approval and ISO qualification/certification but also clean room and process facilities of class 10,000 or below, VA/VE proposal from the design stage based on flow analysis by 3D-CAD and mold design technique, and molding by special plastic molding specialist. With this profiles solve every difficulties regarding medical plastic products. Please contact us now feel free.

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 MedicalPlasticMolding.com is operated by Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd. located at Kawaguchi city of Saitama prefecture. This site is specialized for providing medical plastic molding technique and estimate.

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The case studies of VE and products for medical plastic molding and other latest techniques are posted. They are updated accordingly. Please refer "Past articles" for the articles in the past.
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