Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameSuper small ultra thin-wall tube UsageMedical super small ultra thin-wall tube
MaterialPMMA Size29mmxφ8.4 thickness:0.4mm
Designed at Shinwakogyo Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


This medical super-small ultra thin-walled tube is made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate resin) and has poor fluidity. Therefore, advanced technology (including mold design) is required to achieve thin wall and zero draft angle. Customer requirements are strict conditions with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm and no draft angle.
There are four major problems with super-small ultra thin-walled tubes: (1) Poor filling, (2) Product release, (3) Core and cavity positioning, and (4) Structure that can withstand high-speed filling (steel material selection, gas escape mechanism, etc.).
The photograph on the right is a product photograph when filled with a normal molding machine. With a normal injection molding machine, short occurred and could not be filled neatly. As a countermeasure, we changed the mold design that enabled to withstand resin pressure during high-speed filling by dividing mold into pieces, the gas escape mechanism was finely arranged there, and the steel material was made of hard material and positioned. In addition, the above-mentioned problems were solved by performing injection compression molding in accordance with the mold design in the molding program, and as shown in the left photo, ultra-thin wall molding of 0.4 mm and zero taper were realized.