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Product nameLung flute expectoration induction device UsageInduction of sputum by breathing exercise
MaterialPolycarbonate SizeH:340 x W:50 × D:35
Designed at Shinwakogyo based on customer's model Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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This medical device is a respiratory exercise training device called Lung Flute. This Lung Flute is used with a special film set inside and breathes by holding the mouthpiece to induce sputum. The mechanism of the expectoration is that low-frequency acoustic shock waves induce fluidize the respiratory tract mucosa due to the shape of the device and the vibration of the internal film.
Originally, it was a medical device that was not available in Japan, and Shinwakogyo was asked to faithfully reproduce the shape of handmade sample products from American developers. They said that the shape desired by the developer can not be molded in the United States, and they desired to improve the detailed product shape (the shape with a long zero draft angle) and a material that can withstand the temperature of autoclave sterilization, then we realized it by polycarbonate. Although it was difficult to release the product since there was no draft angle, we solved the problem by devising the mold opening and cylinder operation sequence.
The finished product has a product shape that easily induces sputum. In fact, when we tried to see if sputum was induced in the finished product at Shinwakogyo, coughs were induced immediately with the normal respiration, and then sputum was induced. This is an example of a medical plastic molded product that was able to meet the needs of the developer.

This case was published in Nikkei Medical 2018/11/2 "Prefer to blow once, flute that induces sputum"