When performing plastic injection molding, the precision and quality of the molded product is greatly affected by the precision of the mold.
In order to produce high-quality plastic molded products without causing burrs, warpage, or deformation of plastic molded products, it is necessary to design and manufacture mold that match the finished products. In addition, a high-precision mold is required to avoid reworking and unnecessary post-processing of plastic injection molded products .

Points of mold design and manufacturing for plastic injection molding

(1)The service life of the mold is taken into account

The service life of the mold depends on the life cycle of the molded product.
Since the number of shots and the durability of the mold are closely related, it is necessary to select the mold material in consideration of them.

(2)The service life of the mold is taken into account

The processing accuracy of plastic injection molded products is greatly affected by the accuracy of the mold used.
Dimensional errors in molded products depend on the mold, so molds with high dimensional accuracy must be manufactured.

(3)Good plastic filling capability

In plastic injection molding, there is a decrease in quality due to insufficient filling.
One of the reasons is the lack of proper temperature control when filling the plastic, but there may be problems with the surface roughness of the mold used.
By improving the surface roughness of the mold, the flow resistance of the plastic can be reduced and the plastic can be filled firmly.
It is also important to provide a sufficient gas escape circuit.

(4)Good product releasing capability

If the product release is poor, warpage and deformation will occur.
In order to increase product release capability, improve the surface roughness of the mold used for plastic injection molding by polishing or grinding.
We also design and manufacture molds taking into account the characteristics of raw materials used in plastic molded products.

(5)Appropriate mold price

The price of the mold varies greatly depending on the product shape, product size, product material, quantity, mold material, number of shots, delivery time, etc. of the plastic injection molded product.
By carefully discussing the product specifications from the design and development stages, it is possible to manufacture the appropriate mold for the product.