Product attributes (specifications)

Product namePiercing tip UsagePiercing tip for reagent cartridge
MaterialPP Sizeφ6 x 20
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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Among the disposable medical plastic products, piercing tips have been developed to pierce aluminum seals on reagent-filled cartridges. The specification required for piercing tip often require a sharp shape at the apex like sharp knife. Also, if the mold is processed with a normal cutter, at least the radius of the cutter will be given. Therefore, it is necessary to combine parts only polished to create the cavity. In particular, if the gas escape mechanism is not fully incorporated, the molded product will not be sharply finished, so mold design is very important for such medical plastic products.
At "", we can supply a stable quality product that meets the required specifications by designing a mold that incorporates the molding know-how of a special grade plastic molding technician. When molding in a clean room, it is necessary to pick the plastic products by robots, so a dedicated chuck is provided because the apex is sharp.