Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameReagent cartridge UsageReagent cartridge
MaterialPP Size180×50×75
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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This plastic injection molded medical device is a cartridge used to store reagents. In this reagent cartridge, welds and holes as well as warpage are strictly prohibited in the container part for storing the reagent. Since the film may be welded to the upper part or a sticker may be applied, if the film or the seal becomes wrinkled, it will cause holes and lead to quality deterioration. For this reason, this reagent cartridge can prevent the film seal from wrinkling and perforation by making the hole for the reagent one step higher than the surrounding area, and it is possible to adhere the film or seal with airtight condition in the cartridge. Also, if a customer can provide the reagent to be enclosed in advance, it is possible to deliver the cartridge to the customer in a state where the reagent has been completely enclosed, sealed, and sterilized. Please consult us regarding the encapsulation of reagents, sticking of seals, and the sterilization process.