Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameAssembly tip rack UsageRack to contain tips for medical use
MaterialPP Size-
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


This medical plastic injection molded product is a tip storage rack. We provide not only plastic molding but also assembly of plastic products, as well as set filters for tips in a rack, pack them in a rack, and provide a consistent service to customers together until sterilization.
In addition, including labeling such as applying a QR code sticker or bar code sticker to each product and packing them individually which is often required for products that require individual management such as plastic injection molding products for medical use, we can provide a consistent traceability service. In addition, if a customer orders the product name and quantity, in order to make it possible to greatly reduce the man-hours of ordering work, we will produce and arrange all parts, not only plastic products related to that product, but also other parts, and then the final product can be delivered to the customer with the process of assembly and sterilization are completed.