Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameTip sheath UsageCase to store a sheath
MaterialPP Sizeφ12×150
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


This medical plastic molded product is a medical component called a tip sheath, which is used to store a tip. The features of this tip sheath are that the stroke is as long as 150 mm and thin-wall. Since the tip is stored inside the tip sheath, the tip sheath is not allowed to bend. One of the major features of this tip sheath is that the mold for mass-produced of the tip sheaths has 16 cavities. In order to take a large number of products with such a shape and realize products that meet the customer's product requirements, when filling each cavity with resin, all plastic injection molded products should be filled evenly, good balance and with enough pressure. If the balance is lost somewhere, the quality of the injection molded product will vary and the quality will deteriorate. By our technology, we can also mass-produce such injection molding products with many cavities which are usually difficult to achieve.