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Product nameTip rack UsageContainer of tips for medical use
MaterialPC Size110×60×30
Designed at Shinwakogyo Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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This container for storing medical tips is a tip rack that realizes a minus 1 degree (reverse taper) on the entire surface of the taper for the purpose of stability during pipetting. Since the product design and mold design for this medical tip rack was designed by ourselves, it was designed with cost reduction measures in view of mass production even prototypes and development samples.
In addition, by adjusting the thickness of the corners where sinks are likely to occur due to the thick wall, it was possible to suppress the occurrence of sinks, and we devised from the product design and mold design stages to achieve a beautiful finish. Note that polycarbonate, which is a plastic resin used as a material for this tip rack, has the characteristics of high heat resistance and high strength, so it can endure several times of autoclave process with high temperature of 120 deg.C and 20 minutes, because of this, it is a container that is important one to contain tips in the medical industry.