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Product nameSyringe piston UsageSyringe piston
MaterialABS Size23×10×110
Designed at Shinwakogyo Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

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Because syringe pistons used for medical and similar purposes inject drugs and reagents in the syringe, leaks are a fatal defect. The syringe piston manufactured by "" uses a silicon O-ring at the tip, so there is no worry about liquid leakage.
This time, we interviewed the requirements with customer's punch picture of the product so that to design the product in our company. In addition, before moving to mass production, we made a sample using a 3D printer for the purpose of examining the packaging form of the product, but we realized that we need to improve the design for the actual size of the sample product (add a larger R to the area where the finger touches, Improvement to be soft appearance and feeling of use). Therefore, before starting mold production, by preparing samples with the actual size, we were able to develop the new product without wasting cost (design change) and time (correction).
We recommend that you make a sample of the 3D printer in advance at the time of product design and check it.