Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameReagent cartridge UsageReagent cartridge for medical use
MaterialPS Size20 x 120 x 50
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


Among reagent cartridges for medical plastic products, this reagent cartridge has a simple shape. However, because of the box-shaped container, "warp" tends to be the biggest problem. "warp" is a problem because it affects the fitting with the lid.
To prevent warp, there are three factors: (1) review of product shape, (2) mold design, and (3) molding conditions. Since the shape of this reagent cartridge could not be changed, a box-shaped product without "warp" could be produced by the devising of (2) and (3). In addition, since it was a medical plastic product, it was produced in a clean room, so it was required to devise the packaging. Even if a product without warp is molded, there is a risk that it will be bent by the packing method. Medical plastic products must be designed consistently from product design to packaging specifications.