Product attributes (specifications)

Product nameThin-wall syringe UsageThin-wall syringe for medical use
MaterialPP Sizeφ8.0×65
Customer provided drawings Mold
Designed at Shinwakogyo

Product images (status)


This plastic injection molded product is a medical syringe made of propylene. This syringe has an inside taper of 0 degree due to the piston inside. Unlike medical devices such as syringes, this thin-walled medical syringe heats the contents when used, so the side wall of the product is made thinner. In general, the thin wall thickness tends to cause uneven thickness, and the product often bends like a banana, and the zero taper causes scratches on the plastic injection molded product during mold release. However, we can mold to meet customer's desired product specifications by making small adjustments to the mold in the design of the mold to suppress bending of the product and to eliminate friction of the product when releasing. High precision and high quality plastic molding is possible by designing with consideration of material properties from the mold design stage.