For plastic molding (resin), molding conditions are determined based on various knowledge such as the structure of the mold, the properties of steel and resin materials. Therefore, engineers who perform plastic (resin) molding need not only experience and knowledge of molding itself, but also specialized knowledge of materials. When it comes to fine and very small plastic products, deep knowledge of molds is also required.
Shinwakogyo has been researching molding technology on a daily basis to meet the demands of customers in the medical industry for fine and micro plastic molding. As a result, we have produced two special-grade plastic molding technicians who have acquired only a very small number in Japan. A special- grade plastic molding technician qualification is a national qualification that does not qualify for the exam unless he has at least 5 years of practical experience after passing the first grade plastic molding technician qualification. Except for special-grade plastic technician qualification, there are first-, second-, and third-grade qualifications. In the examination of special-grade plastic molding technician qualification, process management, work management, quality management, cost management, safety and health management, work guidance and equipment management are performed by written tests.
Shinwakogyo, operating “Medical Plastic”, special-grade plastic molding technicians respond to inquiries from customers and various issues. If you are a development designer having trouble with plastic molding, please contact us.

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